Guilty of Wrongdoing?

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The attorney for the Capital Area United Way says bank records indicate Jacquelyn Allen-MacGregor and her husband James MacGregor may have deposited embezzled funds from The Capital Area United Way into their shared account.

Jacquelyn Allen-MacGregor worked for the charitable organization for 20 years according to United Way Officials.

In December, the United Way filed a civil lawsuit against Mrs. Allen-MacGregor for embezzlement and fraud, alleging she stole over $900,000.

Some of that money may have been deposited into a shared account with her husband.

United Way attorney, David Houston, says they’ve found 12 checks that could have been United Way Funds deposited into the MacGregor’s shared account.

While that action could implicate James MacGregor in the alleged embezzlement, attorneys from the United Way doubt Mr. MacGregor had any active role in any wrongdoing.