Lansing is Ready to House Evacuees

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Surrounded by newly appointed committee members, Lansing Mayor Tony Benavides outlined the city's Katrina Response Plan Wednesday.

Governor Jennifer Granholm asked all cities willing to take in evacuees to have plans for housing, food, schooling, medical treatment and even employment ready by Wednesday.

Lansing currenly has 92 housing units, apartments and home, available. More than 300 people, not counting infants, can be placed. Furniture, household and hygiene items are being collected even though no decision on whether evacuees will be coming to Lansing has been made. A decision is expected within the next two or three days.

St. Vincent Catholic Charities is leading the placement efforts. If you would like to help, please call (517) 323-4734. For other contact numbers relating to Lansing's Katrina Response plan, please click on our special Hurricane Katrina section.