Reducing Energy Costs

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The federally-funded program helped 250,000 low-income families in Michigan winterize their homes thus saving them 40 percent in energy costs.

Peter Dreyfuss of the Midwest Regional Office of the Department of Energy says the low-income population is the hardest hit by energy prices. But with rising costs, the money they save by having their homes weatherized will be even greater.

Other people, not eligible for the program can also reap the benefits of adding extra insulation to walls and attic spaces. Dreyfuss says this is one of the biggest cost-cutters. And by adding measures like tuning your furnace and frequently changing the filter, every family can save up to 40 percent of their energy costs as well.

Other things like checking for drafts and caulking or using other window treatments can also help save money. For every dollar spent on weatherizing your home, you save $1.83.

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