Lansing's First High School to Be Demolished

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As part of Lansing Community College's master plan, the city's first High School and LCC's oldest building will be torn down.

The Old Central building is slated for demolition sometime in the spring of 2007. Currently, classrooms and both the Business and Information and Office Systems Departments are housed in it. Some of the classes and staff could be moved over to the newly renovate Gannon Building as early as January.

Old Central was built in 1872. It's been renovated in the past but would need another $5,000,000 worth of updates to keep it running.

On the other side of the spectrum, the former Carnegie Library or LCC's current Office Unit F building will be completely renovated to house a new University Center.

The State's Historic Preservation Office agrees it would be cost prohibitive to rehabilitate Old Central, but sees the former Carnegie Library as LCC's chance to restore rather then renovate.