Downtown Lansing and the Lugnuts

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Dave Sell, GM of The Exchange, says Olds Park and the Lugnuts started a revitalization in downtown that has seen his establishment, The Nuthouse, 621, Troppo and other businesses open up shop.

Pat Gillespie is president of the Gillespie Group... which is attempting to build a 13-million dollar apartment/condo complex across the street from Olds Park. He also says the Lugnuts and Olds Park are vital to the area's economic success.

Gillespie says the 400-thousand people who flock to Olds annually pump life into the local businesses. And without the team, he's not sure he can move forward with his Stadium District plan.

Sell says while the Exchange doesn't necessarily see direct business from Lugnuts fans, he says there's a buzz in town when the team has games... and brings added business to the area as a whole.