LCC to Combat Healthcare Worker Shortage

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As the baby boomer generation ages and the number of retiring health care workers outweighs the number of new people entering the profession, the health care worker shortage is escalating, and in Michigan it will become a full-blown crisis.

But Roberta Peterson, Dean of LCC's Human Health and Public Service Careers Department, says their new facility is one solution to the problem. The building was funded by the LCC millage increase passed by voters in 2001. President of the college says they will keep to their promise with the new facility by training double the amount of health care students.

And because demand is not just for nurses, the facility offers instruction for 10 health-related fields including message therapy, dental hygiene, and x-ray and ultrasound technology.

Dean Peterson also says because it is a community college, most students will stay and work in the community instead of taking their services elsewhere.