UPDATE: 18-Year-Old Seriously Injured After Six-Story Fall From MSU Dorm

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EAST LANSING -- 18-year-old Lexi Pew, who is a senior at Greenhills High School in Ann Arbor, fell from the sixth floor of North Case Hall sometime around 3:00 a.m. Sunday.

She's undergone two surgeries already Sunday to mend her broken bones, and a family member says her lungs collapsed from the fall.

But these are still injuries that will heal, and as one Michigan State University student who saw it all happen tells us, from the way the accident looked -- it should have been much worse.

"I thought, she's either paralyzed or dead," says MSU freshman Ustina Shives, who saw it all happen from her dorm on the sixth floor.

"I heard glass shatter, and then I see something white falling down. After I realize it is a human, I realize I need to call 911," she says.

But she said emergency responders were already at the scene by the time she was off the phone; telling Lexi to stay still.

"She landed on her back. She was still for a moment and then she started moving. She was scooting herself away from the building, toward the pine tree, and there's obviously glass everywhere and she was crying, and it was awful," Shives says.

MSU Police say: "[We] are investigating the accident and have found no indications of suspicious activity."

But one thing everyone seems to agree on: Saturday's weather may have played a big role in the accident. Lexi is lucky it happened on a night that it had been raining; making the ground soft. It may be the only reason she is still alive.

Lexi fell from a lounge area where several hall residents say they were playing a game of catch. The also say it all happened because of an accidental trip near the window.

A family member who has spent the day at the hospital with Lexi says she was tested for alcohol and drugs. Both tests came back negative.

The lounge from where Lexi fell is now closed off. The accident raises several questions, including how strong the glass was.

We'll continue to follow Lexi's recovery and the police investigation into how this could have happened.

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