Lansing Loses Students -- Gains New Teachers

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The very high profile closings of five schools in the Lansing school district and early retirement and exit of dozens of teachers is in part responsible for the loss of about 350 students this year.

The district says that 171 teachers left Lansing schools this past year, many taking a new job elsewhere or retiring.

Only about 89 have been hired to replace them.

But, as the number of teachers decreases so does the number of students attending.

Dr. E Sharon banks, superintendent of Lansing schools, says about 350 students will exit the district this year, continuing the down-trend that's now spanning three years.

She says it's an anticipated part of the district's consolidation plan.

The loss of students could mean a loss in per pupil state funding of more then $2.5 million dollars that the district's already planned for.