Northwest Labor Deadline Closes In

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Linda Pustay says it's difficult to deal with labor disputes in the airlines when you're a frequent air traveler. Jill Zoronski says poor service during a labor strike pushed her away from Northwest years ago. Still, Scott Ducker says delays and cancellations during labor stoppages are just something you have to 'suck up' and deal with.

Regardless your opinion, it now looks as though a work stoppage by Northwest Airlines mechanics is now imminent.

Northwest has replacement workers ready to go... and has given assurances to Capital City Airport in Lansing that flights here will remain on schedule. But, Bob Colt with CCA admits that if delays hit Detroit, they may well trickle down to our area. He says they just have to wait and see what happens.

The labor dispute started when Northwest asked it's mechanics, cleaners and custodians to take job and pay cuts. Since 2002 that workforce has seen it's membership cut from over 8,000 to around 4,400, and they say they've given enough.