Missing Money

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There’s a new judgment against former Eaton Co. attorney. It's the second ruling against Charles Zwick in as many weeks. In both cases he's accused of failing to account for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the estates of elderly women.

Friday's judgment said Zwick has to pay back $286,000 to the estate of 74-year-old Alice Grahn.

Grahn is the sister of the deceased Lansing woman Wilma Southwell. Southwell's estate received a $347,000 judgment last week.

Philip Vilella is the attorney representing the family in both cases, a family now looking for more than $630,000.

"It's our duty now to try and satisfy that judgment and right now things aren't looking very rosy," Vilella said.

Zwick had the opportunity to appear in court and tell the family where their money is.

He chose not to. His attorney John Deming had no comment.

Mr. Zwick is still in jail for a contempt of court charge and cannot be reached for comment.