Replacement Nurses Go To Work

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Greg Mikkelsen, President and CEO for US Nursing Corp., spoke exclusively with News 10, saying his staff averages 10 to 15 years of experience per worker.

He also says nurses are required to have at least one year experience for specialize fields applying to the areas of a hospital in which they will be working.

Striking nurses from Ingham, however, don't believe the quality of care will be the same with the replacement nurses. Cindy Jeffries with the nurses association says replacements don't know the procedures or policies of their hospital.

David Eich with Ingham says while the replacements may not be a part of the 'family,' he says they are professional and qualified to do their jobs.

According to Mr. Mikkelsen, US Nursing Corporation has joint accreditation... the same accreditation as most hospitals.

Negations between the hospital and nurses association is expected to continue Thursday morning at 11.