10 Dogs Euthanized After Infectious Disease Detected at Capital Area Humane Society

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Ten dogs had to be put to sleep after Distemper, Parvo and Kennel Cough are detected at the Capital Area Humane Society. The latter two are treatable, but Disptemper is far more serious.

Human Society President Steve Heaven says the root of the problem is dogs who had not been properly vaccinated were dropped off at the shelter. Adding to that, the kennel area has poor ventilation and no air conditioning both of which escalates the spread of illness.

People who have adopted dogs within the last month have been notified and asked to observe their animals. The CAHS will not be accepting or adopting dogs or puppies for one month while a massive cleaning takes place.

Thursday, the kennel area had already been powerwashed to remove chipping paint from the floor. The paint could be housing the diseases and the floor will eventually have to be sealed again.

Meantime, the CAHS is in desperate need of powerwashers, volunteers and donations to continue cleaning the kennel area. The price tag associated with the problem is already estimated at $70,000.

If you would like to help, please call the CAHS at (517) 626-6060.