Who Will the Former Mayoral Candidates Endorse?

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And then there were two, but the two former Lansing Mayoral candidates can still play a part in the November election.

Combined, Lynne Martinez and Dale Abronowitz took 28 percent of the vote in Tuesday's primary election. Senator Virg Bernero took 46 percent while 27 percent went to the incumbent Mayor Tony Benavides.

With Martinez and Abronowitz now out of the race, Epic-MRA pollster Ed Sarpolus says their votes have the potential to make or break either candidate still in the running.

When Bernero and Benavides ran against each other in 2003, Bernero lost by just under 300 votes. Sarpolus says, this time especially, every vote counts.

Neither Martinez nor Abronowitz is pledging support for either candidate yet. Bernero says he will talk to the former candidates and their voters as well. We contacted Mayor Benavides' office for comment and were told he was in meetings all day long. Our phone calls were not returned.