Clerical Error the Cause for Wrongly Posted Precincts

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A Clerical error is the cause for three incorrect polling site postings on the Lansing City Clerk's Web site; that according to Lansing's Election Coordinator.

Tuesday, the City Clerk's web site listed Maplewood Elementary School, Northwestern Elementary School and Harley Franks Elementary School as polling sites. The first was nixed in July, the other two in 2003. The City Clerk's web site states it was last updated in August of 2002.

Even so, Lansing City Clerk Debbie Miner says all voters affected were mailed new voter identification cards when the changes were made. Misplaced voters we spoke with say they never received the cards.

Lansing's Election Coordinator says the web site will be fixed for the November Election.

It's unclear how many voters were affected by the clerical error.