Mid-Michigan's Real Life Dr. Frankenstein

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It's the day before Halloween, and some of you might sit down to watch your favorite scary movie. One popular classic is the horror film, "Frankenstein."

But the name isn't just movie legend - a real-life Dr. Frankenstein lives right here in Mid-Michigan. This Dr. Frankenstein has no interest in creating any monsters. Instead, he's helped take care of families in his community for more than 50 years.

Dr. Waldo Frankenstein is used to causing a reaction when he introduces himself.

"Some won't believe it," said Frankenstein. "I have to take out my driver's license and show it to them."

Dr. Frankenstein has been practicing medicine in Mid-Michigan for 57 years. He's had his practice in Bellevue for 55 years.

"I'm just a family doc," he said. "We take care of most everything."

He also takes care of pilots. Dr. Frankenstein has become well-known for doing flight physicals.

"Some pilots come here for their physicals only to have my name on their flight certificate," Dr. Frankenstein said, with a laugh.

Dr. Frankenstein says the best part of his job comes from being a part of the community, and that means having some fun with his last name. On Halloween, Dr. Frankenstein expects more than 500 trick-or-treaters at his house. He doesn't pass out candy, though. Dr. Frankenstein gives all the kids whistles.

"Halloween is a great time of the year for us because we decorate the house, have all the trick-or-treaters come down the street," said Dr. Frankenstein's daughter, Bridgette. "We used to have Halloween parties in the barn, and mom and dad would get them all set up."

Dr. Frankenstein says he's even dressed up as the popular character a few times at parties.

"It's a lot of fun," said Bridgette. "There's always music, there's always laughter around here at Halloween time."

And Dr. Frankenstein carries that laughter and joy into his everyday life. He's a very well-respected and beloved member of the Bellevue community. He's done a lot for the area, and the high school football field has even been named in his honor.

At 85 years old, Dr. Frankenstein says he'll keep treating his patients as long as he can.

"Yea, for sure," he said. "You get up in the morning and you've got a reason to go do something."

And a reason to smile with every introduction.

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