Streamlining Fire and Emergency Services

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Regionalized fire and emergency services are a money saving trend taking place across the country and maybe, in the future, right here in Mid-Michigan, too.

Monday night, the Lansing City Council is expected to pass a resolution asking area fire chiefs to think of recommendations for how it could be done. Delta Township's Fire Chief Victor Hilbert has already started. Hilbert says he believes it's a step in the right direction, one that could end up saving all of the departments involved money.

Ideas include sharing vehicles, shifting personnel, using a centralized garage and perhaps consolidating training. Lansing City Council Member Brian Jeffries says it could end up being anything from appointing a fire authority to just simply contracting out services.

It's too early to tell how much money could be saved by regionalizing or even exactly what could be done. The recommendations are expected to be handed over to local government officials by December.