Gender Disparity in Stroke Follow-Up Care

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The study published in the journal Neurology shows men are more likely to have a stroke than women, but women are more likely to die of a stroke than men perhaps because they are less likely to receive follow-up care.

Neurologists say tests such as brain scans, echocardiograms and monitoring of blood work are vital in order to prevent another stroke from occurring. But according to this study, women are being left behind when it comes to this prevention.

Researchers say one reason for the disparity may be because patients in the study were cared for at a community-based hospital without an academic center. Doctors say other reasons may include lack of health insurance, poor access to healthcare, or language barriers.

Still more studies are needed to see if this study's results reflect women in all areas. If so, more needs to be done in terms of education and access to ensure both women and men reap the benefits of preventative medicine.