MSU vs. Michigan Tickets

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The ticket office at Michigan State was only for the desperate Monday afternoon. The last 100 tickets went in a feeding frenzy early in the morning.

The only alternative: what MSU calls "the secondary market;" ticket brokers and scalpers looking to make a buck. Online, one site had a posting at $2,000 a ticket.

We found an ad in the paper asking $350. The owner: Mark Stone and his uncle. They paid $250 for each of their four seats last week, but given the hype, they expect to make a profit now that they have two extra on hand.

All told, there are 75,005 tickets out there; every one of them sold by the Michigan State's ticket office. Come Saturday, they'll be doing their part to be sure the right person's with every one.

"We have it a good tracking system, a barcode on everyone," explains Sr. Associate Athletic Director Mark Hollis. He says their primary concern is counterfeiters.

They, along with the university police, caution scalped tickets are often fakes.

Sgt. Florene McGlothian-Taylor of MSU Public Safety reminds patrons of the law: "If you are selling a ticket for face value that's fine, but selling it for more than the face value is a misdemeanor offense."

As for people like Stone, with real tickets to spare, neither East Lansing PD nor MSU are actively looking for them online or through the classifieds. They say as long as they don't receive any complaints, they'll likely leave it up to buyer and seller. That said, they may be on the lookout on gameday, outside the stadium.