Fifteen More Years

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The city of Lansing and the Lugnuts sign a new deal that will keep the baseball team at Oldsmobile Park until the year 2020.

As part of the new deal, the city will be investing $3 million into the stadium over the next three years.

City leaders said it's worth it.

"The Lugnuts have always been proud to call Lansing home, and now our commitment is extended for another 15 years," said Lugnuts owner Tom Dickson.

"[The ballpark] has become an engine that drives economic development because it brings people into downtown," added Glenn Kirk, the city's finance director.

Fans will see the money put to use over the next three years. Dickson said it could be used for things like new seats, new light fixtures and a new field currently being grown at Michigan State University.

The new lease agreement will take effect January 1, 2006.