Governor Calls Out Republican House

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The governor says the state house is run by partisan republicans who are more interested in tearing her down to prep for an election 14 months away, than they are about moving the state's economy forward.

Her comments came Friday, criticizing the house for having yet to vote on any part of her jobs stimulus package. She laid out a challenged to the house republicans... saying if they didn't pass it next week, she would take that as an indication they wanted a fight. A fight, the governor says, she would take to every corner of the state.

State representative Rick Jones (R-Eaton County) says they are and have been prepared to move ahead with the jobs package... but, were told the governor wanted the budget resolved first. He also said Granholm's statements were those of a desperate governor who has seen her job rating sliding steadily.

Governor Granholm's job rating recently dipped below 50 percent for the first time.