Texas Family Finds Safe Haven in Mid-Michigan

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As hundreds of thousands of people rush to get out of Rita's way, at least one family is finding a safe haven in mid-Michigan.

Treylin Jackson, his mom, stpedad, brother and grandmother took the long car trip up from Friendswood, Texas to stay at a relatives home. They'll stay until it's safe to go back to Texas.

As Jackson and his family stay out of Rita's path, another family is staying in Houston, Texas. Shannon Radermacher, a MSU senior, says her parents, brother and grandparents are not evacuating because of the heavy traffic. They didn't think they would be able to get out. They didn't get an early start since Radermacher's parents were out of the country and just got a flight back in.

Radermacher says she is praying that her family is not hit by the hurricane.