Mail Order Prescriptions

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The cost of prescription drugs continues to rise. As costs go up, consumers look for ways to lower the price they pay.

Recently, prescription drugs have become available through the mail. Those in the United States can send in their original prescriptions to several different pharmacy businesses in Canada and save a large percentageon their medication.

But some groups aren't ready to endorse mail-order medication yet. Some Pharmacists and the AARP are both voicing concern for the quality control of prescriptions sent through the mail.

Pharmacists say drugs could be damaged in the shipping process. They also say having a local doctor and pharmacist working together can help patients avoid drug interactions.

The AARP supports drug reimportation from Canada, but says traveling to the country is preferable to getting medication through the mail. The AARP advocates affordable alternatives here in the States and a governmental solution.

A spokesperson from Senator Debbie Stabenow's office says there is a level of uncertainty when ordering through the mail. All groups who question mail-order medication do acknowledge that medication from Canada is safe, and that medication is expensive.

But for those who do use mail-order services, they say it is more affordable and they don't have to leave home to do it.