Association of School Boards and Administrators Say 'No' on Proposal 2

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When it comes to Proposal 2, the Michigan Association of School Administrators and the Michigan Association of School Boards agree, just say 'no'.

"There are certain positive reforms that have been put in place and we want to see them stay in place," said William Mayes, Executive Director of the Michigan Association of School Administrators.

Both associations believe those reforms would be overturned if the proposal, which would guarantee collective bargaining rights, passes.

That would void laws that cover cost savings, teacher discipline and placement.

"It would take all of the prohibited things that are no longer allowed to be negotiated and put them back in the mix," said Mayes. "It would be a much more timely, difficult and costly process."

Among the overturned reforms, a health care reform that says public employers only have to pay a limited amount for employee insurance, forcing employees, like teachers, to pay more out of pocket.

"We've saved over $400 million in health care reform savings," said Mayes. "That money has kept teachers in the classroom and has certainly helped districts to balance their budgets."

Don Wotruba says that same reform saved Eaton Intermediate School District $600,000 this past year.

"What that $600,000 meant was we kept teachers in the classroom rather than having to lay people off," said Wotruba, an Eaton I.S.D. board member.

Protect Working Families, who is supporting Proposal 2, disagrees with the idea that the proposal would undo several laws.

They released a statement quoting the Michigan Court of Appeals saying, "...the right to collectively bargain does not in any way force the legislature to enact, or decline to enact, any laws whatsoever."

We tried calling the Michigan Education Association several times for a response to allegations of both associations, but our calls were not returned.

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