Dale Abronowitz Changing His Tune

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The Dale Abronowitz of the 2005 mayoral primary: always the rabble-rouser. He told the panel at the WILX-TV debate, "The mayor can't even come here and answer questions without cue cards."

Tuesday evening, at a rally for the "Keep Mayor Tony Benavides campaign," Abronowitz stood side by side that very mayor, offering him nothing less than his vote.

"I think Mayor Benavides got a wake-up call," Abronowitz explained. He says his change of heart came after hours of meetings with both Benavides and his opponent Virg Bernero. Abronowitz says Bernero only wanted his endorsement; He says he's influenced the Benavides administration.

"He does have some very good ideas, on consolidation," says Benavides.

Virg Bernero's campaign manager Cullen Schwarz says, "Virg thinks the world of Dale and he thinks he brought great ideas to the table during the primary."

The Bernero camp admits they are, quite frankly, surprised. Nonetheless, they say even if they've lost the former candidates vote, they're confidant they'll still reel in his former supporters.

"Dale supportesr voted for change," Schwarz says.

Dale admits he sees this vote as "the lesser of two evils." He says he is offering support and not an endorsement. He's focusing on issues like the city's UAW contract, snow removal policies, and a job corp program with the school district. He says he'll only offer his endorsement once he's seen those issues addressed.

Former candidate Lynne Martinez says she has no intention to announce an endorsement of either Bernero or Benavides.