MSU Says "No Public Transportation" for Study Abroad in London

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A senior university administration official arrived in London Saturday morning to access the situation there and make decisions about what to do for the more than 300 students (and 20 faculty) studying there this summer.

The most serious step they've taken--prohibiting students and faculty from using any public transportation.

"We did get a number of calls from parents," explains Kathleen Fairfax, director of the Department of Study Abroad, speaking about the hours just after Thursday's attempted bombings. She says parents were concerned about students and about the program getting canceled.

After the first attacks onJuly 7th, 5 students came home. In the face of a second attack, Fairfax expects a few more will make that choice.

As for MSU, they will not cancel. They're in contact with a number of police agencies and security groups to keep abreast of the situation.

She also says they will pay out of pocket to be sure their students can follow their guidelines, sponsoring charter buses or taxis for program-related trips and sending their students spending money to help subsidize tight budgets.