East Lansing Restricts Fireworks Use

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It's a sign of festivities and a part of holiday celebrations and because of a new state law, consumer fireworks have become more readily available. However, East Lansing offcials say some have taken it too far.

"This constant timing of it, all hours of the night, in neighborhoods with young children, it's just not safe for us," said East Lansing Mayor Diane Goddeeris.

The city does have a noise ordinance to stop people from setting off fireworks if it's considered a nuisance to neighbors, but the city attorney says it's not working.

"It's difficult to find the person who discharged the fireworks. That's clearly the case in a number of incidents that were investigated," said East Lansing City Attorney Thomas Yeadon.

East Lansing City Council decided to take a more complete approach and voted to ban the use of consumer fireworks. To stay in compliance with state law, the ban will be lifted the day before, the day of and the day after national holidays.

"They sound like large gunshots and they're very frightening to children and they're frightening to parents when you're indoors and you don't see the fireworks," said Mayor Goddeeris.

According to the mayor, the new ordinance is not to stop anyone from having fun at the right time and the city will give people a chance to learn the new rules before cracking down.

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