Update: Lansing School Bus Will Pick Up 5-Year-Old Student

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Within two weeks after our exclusive "What's Bugging You" report aired, the Lansing School District has stepped up to give a five-year-old student a spot on the school bus.

The school district initially said the kindergartener lived within "walking distance" from the school. According to the district's policy, that is a mile and a half radius from the school. Kids who live within that distance have to walk to school instead of getting a ride on the bus.

For Jenna Fosburg, that would have meant sending her five-year-old son Jackson to walk a mile to school by himself, since both her and her husband work full-time with schedules that conflict with the start and end of school.

Fosburg was outraged by this potentially dangerous situation, and reached out to us for help after spending several months battling for a bus ride for Jackson.

On Wednesday, she finally got the call that the Lansing School District would add Jackson to the bus route. She says she's thrilled he can now ride the bus to STEM Academy, instead of having to rely on alternative arrangements to get him to school safely.

Even though she and Jackson were happy and excited for his first bus ride Thursday morning, Fosburg says she still has concerns about the district's "walking distance" policy.

"I feel like a big load is off my shoulders," Fosburg said. "I just feel like this is so great. I feel there's still half a battle. I think the reason they took him is because he is in kindergarten. I think next year, I'll be in the same position with a six-year-old walking to school. I'll get a little nervous."

Fosburg says she'll keep fighting to get rid of the policy all-together. She says she just doesn't think it's safe for an elementary school kid to be walking that far of a distance to school alone.

However for now, she's just very relieved he'll have a guaranteed ride to and from school for this year.

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