More Problems With Guidant Devices

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The Guidant Corporation has issued a safety alert on nine models of pacemakers made between November 25, 1997 and October 26, 2000.

Local cardiologist Doctor Christopher D'Haem of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute says the main problem with the pacemakers is the battery may not last as long as it's expected. So for someone dependent on a pacemaker to keep his or her heart beating this could be a serious problem.

This safety alert comes about a month after the Food and Drug Administration recalled 38,000 of Guidant's defibrillators. The FDA is looking into the recent safety issue and may classify the safety warning as a recall.

For now, patients with the following models of pacemakers should call their doctors. Some devices may need to be replaced.

The devices in question are Guidant Pacemakers made between November 25, 1997 and October 26, 2000 including these models:

Pulsar Max
Pulsar Max II
Discovery II
Virtus Plus II
Intelis II
Contak TR

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