Sparrow Dimondale Nursing Center Quarantined

The Sparrow nursing home in Dimondale is being quarantined because of a virus infecting its residents and staff.

Dozens of patients are already infected with the virus that causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Until the outbreak is under control, no relatives, friends or visitors are allowed into the nursing home.

Sparrow Hospital officials describe the virus as Norwalk-like because it is causing similar symptoms recently found on several cruise ships.

Family members spoke with News 10 Saturday, but declined to be interviewed on camera because they fear possible retaliation against their relatives who lives at the facility. But they say they are very worried.

Sparrow officials were also unavailable to go on camera but they say the situation is under control.

In a statement to News 10, Sparrow says strict infection control procedures have been put in place. They say they are being extra cautious. Also, in a case of emergency, urgent visitors are being allowed in.

The Barry-Eaton County Health Dept. is also involved in handling this situation.

Sparrow says this has nothing to do with the coliform bacteria that the health department found in the water earlier this month.

They say the water has been re-chlorinated and is now fine.