Lansing Looks at Year in Review

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Looking at the year in review, Mayor David Hollister says the city has made strides in education, but has been slowed by the national economy.

Hollister says he is most proud of starting the Hope Scholarship Program, targeting at-risk sixth graders. It promises a free education at Lansing Community College if those students graduate high school.

He says he is not one to focus on the negatives, but he's disappointed the national economy has remained stagnant. As a result, projects like the Bogie Building and the Triangle have been slow to get off the ground.

Hollister says the best advice he can offer the man who will take over his position, Tony Benavides, is to think big. He says Benavides must be able to develop partnerships in the same fashion he did with companies like General Motors.

Hollister will take a position in Governor Jennifer Granholm's administration, but can't do so until it's confirmed by the state Senate. He expects that to happen sometime in late January.