A Search for Ricky Holland Turns Up Badly Decomposed Adult Body

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The search for Ricky Holland moved north near Flint Friday, but instead of finding Ricky, searchers found a badly decomposed adult body. The body was discovered just before 1 p.m. in a field on Bristol Rd. in Genesee County's Clayton Township.

The discovery stemmed from a possible sighting of Ricky Holland Friday morning. An area resident claimed to have seen the seven-year-old in a ditch on Bristol Rd. Police immediately began searching and even found a shoe print matching Ricky's. Neighbors reported shed and travel trailer break-ins and police thought they had credible leads.
But by four p.m., the search was over. The sighting turned out to be a woman who'd had a fight with her boyfriend. She had stopped in the ditch on her way home.

Police still can't explain the shoe print or break-ins, but Clayton Township's search for Ricky Holland is over and the investigation surrounding the badly composed adult body is just beginning.