Paying More for Your Kids to Play After-School Sports

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Fees commonly known as "pay to play" can range anywhere from $25 to nearly $200 per student athlete. They're a result of school budget problems.

East Lansing High School fees increased by $25 this year, making it $175 per student. Athletic director Thomas Hunt calls the fees a necessary evil.

But even still, Hunt says participation fees have not affected participation.

John Johnson of the Michigan High School Athletic Association says the fees come with issues like parents thinking they're paying for playing time and it creates bookkeeping hassles.

Johnson says the MHSAA hasn't researched whether the fees affect participation yet, but Johnson says there are more students playing sports in Michigan now than ever before.

Parents would love to see the fees eliminated or at least frozen, but still they say the money is well-spent when the kids enjoy it and it keeps them out of trouble.