Okemos Road Project

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There’s an update on the legally stalled Okemos Road construction project.

The spokesman from the Ingham County Road Commission said it will most likely start at the end of the month, and will continue through mid-October. That could mean headaches on Okemos Road when school starts in the fall.

"It will definitely be noticed and definitely have impact on motorists throughout the whole [fall] season," said the commission spokesman Gary Naeyaert.

Naeyaert said the original plan was to have the project finished by the time school starts in the fall. Controversy over the project, including a lawsuit over drainage issues, kept delaying construction. But now the road commission reached an agreement with the drain commissioner to move forward.

"Now what we need to do is have MDOT execute a contract with the low-bidder and then we will start the project in the next couple weeks," Naeyaert said.

That contract must be signed no later than next Friday, with construction most likely starting within 10 days after that.

Six-S, Inc. is the low-bidder that will receive the $2.7 million project.

The road commission is estimating construction will take about 100 days to complete, so that means it's sure to effect traffic well into the fall.