Falcon Pointe Staying?

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The Falcon Pointe subdivision in East Lansing is home to more than two dozen seniors. They own their manufactured homes, but the land they reside on belongs to the Sun Communities group. Sun is entertaining an offer from Diversified Developers to buy the land and build condos.

Going into a meeting on Friday, the residents were under the impression they would have to move their homes at their own expense... up to 20-thousand dollars.

But, at that most recent meeting a representative from the development group presented a plan to build to the west of the subdivision... sparing the homes.

Most residents seemed happy with that idea... although other plans were pitched, including giving the seniors ownership of their land to control their own future so they could sell if they wanted to.

Nothing if for sure, yet... and the resident's attorney Terry Lovelace says he's still skeptical and will continue negotiations with the developers.