Vigil to Support Sheehan

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There were some 39 vigils in different cities around Michigan. More than 100 showed up at the Lansing event. Bob Alexander, one of the local organizers, says it's an opportunity to show Cindy Sheehan support and voice opposition to the way.

WIlliam Baber, and evangelical reverend and father of a US Officer who's served two tours in Iraq and South Korea, says Sheehan is going about her efforts the wrong way. Barber says a meeting with the President should never be demanded, but humbly requested.

He also believes Sheehan's grief has been taken advantage of by anti-war groups who are exploiting her situation as the chance to speak out against the President and his policy on Iraq.

Alexander says the vigil is being attended by people from a wide variety of political views.... however, the national vigils were organized in large part by MoveOn.Org... a group which campaigned heavily against President Bush in the last elections.