Healthy School Sleep Schedule

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Like many kids, 12-year-old Taylor Burnham has been staying up late this summer. Even four-year-old Shelby Miller stays up past her bedtime, but with school right around the corner, her parents are trying to get her to sleep an hour earlier.

Ingham Regional Medical Center sleep expert Pamela Minkley says this is a tough but crucial task in order for all kids to do well in school.

She says kids five to 12-years-old need about 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Teenagers need eight to 10 hours. She says its best to change sleep schedules gradually, but an easy way is to start waking your kids at the time they'll need to wake once school starts. Keep them up and gradually they'll get back on the right schedule.

Other tips include setting a routine at bedtime and sticking to it. Kids should also sleep in a dark and quiet room. School-age kids should avoid computers before bedtime because the light makes kids not want to fall asleep.

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