Ground Patrols Called Off

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Ingham County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Vicki Harrison calls it "changing gears," acknowledging it's a disappointment, but still expressing hope Ricky could be found nearby his home.

She says it's a difficult decision they made based on stats. Their data shows most children in situations like this one are found within 1.2 miles of the home. They've cleared that area around Ricky's house with what they're calling 80-percent certainty. On top of that, they've searched a 5 mile radius, clearing highways, roads, and pulloffs.

The dive teams will continue their work Monday in the Red Cedar River, but once that's done, the search moves back to headquarters in Mason where Harrison says they'll continue to lookout on patrol, plus use internet resources for missing children, and investigate leads. The possibility that Ricky's been abducted or worse, Harrison says, is still just a possibility.

"This has always been a search and rescue," she says. "We have no reason to believe but that's he's anything out there but alive."