New Developments in the Search for Ricky Holland

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The Ingham County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant Friday and for three hours dug up a small portion of the backyard of the Holland's Williamston home.

D/Sgt. Roy Holliday says the investigation has shifted and information the Holland's provided to the Sherrif's Office led them to the backyard Friday. The Holland's say they buried a dog, they had to have euthanized, in their backyard shortly after Ricky went missing. Ricky, who is seven, bipolar and suffers from ADHD, was first reported missing July 2 and a massive search effort followed, but numerous tips turned up nothing.

Friday's dig turned up the body of the dog, but nothing else. Holliday says the Sheriff's Office chose to dig up the area because they had to make sure the little boy was not buried there. Holliday wouldn't say if the Hollands are suspects at this time or if they've been interviewed lately. The Hollands were not home while the digging was occurring.