Stress and Pregnancy

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There have been many studies looking at the effect of stress and pregnancy. Research indicates it may lead to pre-term, or low-birth weight babies.

But there are few studies looking at the effect of stress during pregnancy on children later in life. So this is the question researcher Shallimar Jones of Michigan State University's Psychology Clinic is trying to answer.

She'll be following 150 women through pregnancy and after childbirth to test their stress levels and how it affects their children.
Jones believes high stress levels during pregnancy could lead to irritability, difficulty sleeping, or infants difficult to soothe.

Jones also says they may find high stress can lead to more severe, long-lasting effects like ADHD or depression later in life.

Researchers are still looking for more volunteers for the study. If you are pregnant and between your second and third trimester, call 517-402-7968.