Post Office Probe

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Lonna Zenker's intention was simply to send a coupon and a letter to her niece in South Carolina.

It made it to the mailbox, but not South Carolina. She received a letter in the mail from the Postal Inspection Service. It explained they'd confiscated the letter for an investigation related to mail that passed through the Collins Road facility on July 15.

Zenker says she called the Postal Inspection Service, and the inspector told her the note had been opened. She speculates the coupon/gift card might have felt like a credit card, enticing a thief to open the envelope.

Postal Inspector Fred Van de Putte emphasizes their investigation does not allege any wrongdoing by Zenker or anyone who sent mail. He can only say it's criminal and ongoing.

Nonetheless, Zenker's worried it's a postal employee who opened her mail. The threat of identity theft is heavy on her mind. What's more, she's concerned other letters may not have reached their destination.

No suspect has been named in this case. The Postal Inspection Service won't confirm or deny that it's a postal worker who is under the microscope.