New Year's Warning: Buckle Up!

If you're going out to celebrate the New Year, local law enforcement agencies want you to know they'll be out, too.

In addition to looking for drivers who have had too much to drink, police will be enforcing the Click It or Ticket seat belt law.

Michigan law requires all passengers in the front seat to be buckled up. All children under 16 must be wearing a seat belt. Kids under four must be secured in a child safety seat. Extended Web Coverage

Click It or Ticket

  • The Click it or Ticket campaign was adopted as Michigan's enforcement and public information campaign in March 2000.

  • The campaign focus is increasing awareness of and compliance with Michigan's safety belt and child passenger safety laws.

  • Michigan Law Requires:
    • All front seat passengers to be buckled up.
    • All passengers under ate 16 to be buckled up, in all seating positions.
    • All children under age four to be in approved child safety seat, in all seating positions

  • Safety belts can prevent serious injury and even death in a crash.

  • 1,328 persons were killed and 112,292 persons injured in traffic crashes in Michigan during 2001. Less than half of the people killed were wearing a safety belt.

  • Studies show that three out of five of these victims likely would have survived if they had buckled up.

Source: (The Michigan State Police Web site) contributed to this report.