The Search Continues for Williamston Boy

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Day four and still no sign of seven-year-old Ricky Holland, the Williamston boy first reported missing Saturday.

Police believe Ricky, who's bipolar and suffers from severe ADHD, left his Williamston home Friday night. His adoptive parents noticed he was missing Saturday morning. His bed was pushed to an open window. Ricky's biological parents have both been contacted and Police are certain they've had nothing to do with his disappearance.

Ricky has run away before, but never for this long. Monday, two experts for The Center for Missing & Exploited Children were called in. They've distributed close to 20,000 posters in the last 24 hours and also brought mapping software with them.

The search area has been expanded to an 18-mile radius; there's been tips and two possible sightings but still no sign of Ricky. Police are urging Williamston residents to look around their homes, in outside buildings and in the woods.

Call (517)676-8211 if you have any information about Ricky's whereabouts. Police are optimistic he is still out there, maybe just hiding from searchers.