Ricky Holland

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He's diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder, ADHD, and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), among others. He doesn't have his medications, and no one knows just what to expect.

His was a troubled childhood. Ricky first came to Tim and Lisa Holland's home as a foster kid when he was three.

"We thought we could do it," Lisa says. "We just wanted to give him a good start, a second chance," Tim adds.

He was never an easy kid, but they made him a part of their family because they love him.

Friday night, Tim says he and Ricky had something of a fight. True, his impulsive son's runaway before, but they say it was never anything more than curiosity. More importantly, it was never for more than a few hours.

"The child with mental health issues, doesn't know when to draw back from that," explains Dr. Marsha Rappley.

She's a specialist in developmental and behavioral psychology. She says with Ricky's conditions, rare for a child his age, her concerns with how his special needs affect him if he's out there.

She adds his judgments likely hurt further by his isolation from his family.