Day 3: Missing

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Nealry 300 volunteers spent their holiday combing miles of backwoods, corn fields, and now neighborhoods. Monday, the search expanded in miles covered, and agencies involved--the ante upped as these search parties comes to understand the disabilities Ricky suffers with.

Ingham County's Chief Deputy Vicki Harrison says they understand Ricky could be suffering highs and lows, and depression.

He's diagnosed with bipolar disorder and severe ADHD. Without his medicine, those disorders could be in full effect. When we talked to them Sunday, Ricky's family says even they can't know exactly how he's feeling if he's out there.

Harrison says they put crews out with the understanding that he may not want to be found. They tell them it's not enough to go to an area and callfor him-- that they have to physically look. They are also asking people to search their own homes, doghouses, and cars in case Ricky could be hiding there.

Ricky's parents believe he may have taken fruit snacks, army fatigues, and a Disney baseball cap with him.