MSU Students Choosing to Live Farther Away

Many Michigan State University students are choosing to live farther away from campus, and it has the administration concerned.

Increasing numbers of students are moving into more luxurious but competitively priced apartment complexes five to 10 miles away from campus.

Complexes like Capston Commons, Crossing Place, Melrose Place, and Chandler Crossing are all in the same area and offer a home away from dormitory life.

However, university officials say they are concerned students living so far away from campus won't benefit from on-site activities, programs and services.

Students say they are attracted by the modern amenities such as their own personal bathrooms and state-of-the-art fitness centers. They say they prefer this type of housing compared to the poorly maintained housing which is closer to school.

This year, about 3,000 students live in new, more distant off-campus complexes.

About 17,000 live in university residence halls and several thousand more are in East Lansing rental homes.