June GM Sales Break Records

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GM officials say the good news is the result of an incentive program offering employee discounts to everyone.

It was September 1986 where GM last saw figures like these. Overally, they posted a 41 gain, comparing June 2005 to June 2004. In sub-categories:
Full-size pickups: 102% UP
Trucks/SUVs: 68% UP
Cars: 4% UP

Local cars also had a good month. Cadillac CTS build at Lansing Grand RIver moved almost 50 percent more of those this June than last. STS sold a record number of vehicles. Even the struggling Chevy SSR was up 18%.

It's important also to put those numbers in perspective for the year. It's been a rough one. If you compare sales so far this year, 2005 only has a slight edge over 2004, just 2.5%.

No word yet if they'll extend their incentives plan past it's announced July 5 deadline.