United Way Embezzlement Update

Capital Area United Way representatives say they have not heard from Jacquelyn Allen-MacGregor and they can't reach her on the telephone.

Allen-MacGregor is accused of embezzling nearly a million dollars in missing funds. And she was not at home Saturday when News 10 knocked on her door in Manchester, MI.

The United Way is in court trying to recover nearly a million dollars they say Allen-MacGregor embezzled from the charity while she was a financial officer.

Representatives at the Capital Area United Way say they just want to recover the missing money as soon as possible.

Prosecutors and even the FBI are investigating but so far, there are no criminal charges against Allen-MacGregor.

The court has also frozen her assets including her home and a horse farm in Manchester. They've also frozen assets in Westland, MI.

McGregor has until Jan. 15 to respond to the lawsuit.