More Help Needed

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As many as ten dogs were euthanized when three separate diseases started to spread.

Now people are finding it in their hearts to give money or volunteer their time to the Humane Society in this time of great need.

"This is a really worthwhile organization," said Kim Slee, a volunteer who spent Friday cleaning the dog area. "They do a lot for the people and pets in this community; right now they need our help."

Infectious disease spread through the dog area, and ten dogs had to be put down. Fortunately, the other animal areas are fine, but an expensive clean up effort is underway.

President Steve Heaven said it could cost more than $70,000.

"We really need to get rid of the heat and humidity; these are two bad factors contributing to the growth of these viruses," said Heaven.

Meanwhile, those looking to adopt a new dog are being turned away until September 6.

If you have a dog or puppy you can't keep, you can take it to a local animal control center, but many of them are near capacity. The better option is to make sure your dog is vaccinated and wait one more month until the Humane Society re-opens its doors to dogs.

If you would like to contribute or volunteer call 517-626-6060.