The Fight Over Mary's Medicine

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Mary was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis last year. According to the family a specialist from the University of Michigan Hospital put her on prednisone, an oral steroid... and the IV drug methotrexate.

Mary showed improvement. The doctor wanted to change her oral steroids to an IV steroid... but, her parents weren't sure. Mary's parents say the specialist said if they didn't go ahead with the treatment, Child Protective Services may be called.

Mary's parents sought other opinions and learned more about methotrexate. Although considered a common treatment on the Myositis Association website... Andy and Jamie (Mary's parents) were unhappy with the possible side-effects, and took Mary off the drugs.

While she continued to improve, Child Protective Services arrived at their home, and according to Andy and Jamie, said they had to bring Mary to the hospital - or may lose custody.

They brought her in... and late at night was given both prednisone and methotrexate - without parental permission according to Jamie and Andy.

Mary was eventually returned home... but, at a hearing on Wednesday, the couple said no one would claim responsibility for giving the hospital staff the order to administer the drugs.

The hearing is continued to next Wednesday, when it is expected the Judge will dismiss the order to put Mary back on the drugs.