Poison Ivy Strikes

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One of the biggest mistakes people make is not believing they will be affected by a poison ivy plant. Doctors say 90 percent of people are susceptible to getting a rash from even just a drop of oil from a poison ivy plant.

Unfortunately, Oldies 97.5 radio host Monica Harris found this out the hard way. As she was cleaning up her backyard, she was exposed to poison ivy and within days had a severe rash almost all over her body.

Experts warn to stay away from the three-leaved plant. It is typically green and smooth, but can be red where the stems meet. It can be found close to the ground or growing up trees on vines.

If you are exposed, you can try over-the-counter products such as hydrocortizone and Benadryl, but if the rash is on several areas of your body, you should see a doctor. You may need prescription medication.